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An Empty Bucket That Changed My Life

PC: MattEngelking

My life changed forever by an endless line of children and their families holding in their hands an empty bucket. The water truck had arrived and now was the time they could have something to drink. As I filled each bucket, it was as if their happiness and joy was restored. They jumped and laughed, and danced with all their hearts. To them, the “physical” water was what kept them alive, what gave them strength and made their bodies better. It was what dried their tears and bandaged their wounds. It meant food because mommy could boil water and prepare a meal. As thankful as they were for the bucket of water, they were still empty and thirsty.

The heat was exhausting and the water hose was heavy but I’ll never forget the image of a tiny baby girl looking up at me with an empty bucket. This is where I lost myself. God reached down to the depth of my heart and produced a desire that I could not ignore. Through tears, the Lord began to speak to the most tender part of my heart and I immediately knew I must STAND for the “least of these.” A desire was birthed and I knew I wanted to Change the World through an empty bucket. I call it my dream that started at a kitchen table with my best friend and here we are three years later with a 501c3 non-profit organization called Empty Bucket Ministries. God has completely blown our minds with his faithfulness and goodness. It has been a complete faith walk and journey that has not only changed my life but the lives of those around me. My prayer is that you join us on this journey of filling empty buckets all around the world.

If your interested in learning more about Empty Bucket Ministries, visit our website or send me an email at lauren@emptybucketministries.org.