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This sweet girl and family have such a special place in my heart. I can’t believe I’m just now getting to blog these adorable photos! A few months ago Carsyn turned 3 and Matt and I had the opportunity to capture her day! We chased her around as fast as we could to keep up with everything she was doing. She is the most spunkiest, little ball of joy you will ever meet. Julie, her mother out did herself on this birthday party. I think my favorite part of the whole day was the petting zoo right in their backyard and the baby goats that left us all of us wanting one.

It was truly an honor to be there and watch this little one grow up so fast.

Carsyn-Birthday-Small-1 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-4 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-5 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-9 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-10 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-12 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-11 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-15 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-20 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-18Carsyn-Birthday-Small-21 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-22 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-26 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-28 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-29 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-30 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-31 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-33 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-35 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-36 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-38Carsyn-Birthday-Small-44 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-45 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-42 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-41 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-40 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-47 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-49 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-54 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-56 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-55 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-58 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-60 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-65 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-61 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-68 Carsyn-Birthday-Small-71

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