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Summer is one of my favorite times of the year! Mainly because I love laying out by the pool, drinking smoothies, eating LOTS of watermelon, and going to the farmer’s market! I much prefer the heat rather than the cold. Matt and I have a new obsession with acai bowls. We went to Washington D.C. a few weeks ago and found the cutest little place that served AMAZING bowls. We literally ate one every single morning. We now crave it all the time and have learned to make our own and they are perfect for a healthy breakfast. We add 1 acai packet (I get them from Trader Joes), half of a frozen banana, blueberries, almond milk,  a little bit of honey and blend ’til smooth. We then add a scoop of almond butter on top with sliced bananas and blueberries and gluten free granola. THE BEST.

May was a good month for me. I took the Strengths finder test with Matt and have learned so much about myself. I realized that I always maximize on my weaknesses rather than my strengths which creates a clouded view of the strengths God has given me. It is definitely a process but I am learning to embrace my strengths and use them everyday. It’s baby steps though because I doubt myself a lot. I also started a small herb garden (mint, rosemary, basil) and it hasn’t died yet! Praise the Lord! I launched my new blog (thanks to my husband!!), tried a new recipe every week, and made hot yoga a part of my life.

June Goals

– Read When Helping Hurts.
– Lead and host the young adult small group in our home.
– Go to a strawberry farm and pick fresh strawberries with Matt and come home and make a strawberry pie :)
– Buy as much local, organic produce as I can.
– Start to share how Young Living essential oils have changed my life. If you have any questions or are interested, email me!
– Continue towards a chemical-free home and life. My goal is by the end of this year to have a home and lifestyle that is completely free of chemicals. I’m learning so much about the chemicals that are in the things we use everyday. It is crazy!
– Clean out my closet. Adopt the lifestyle of when I purchase something new to give one thing away.
– Photograph a family portrait session this month.
– Sign up for the Perspectives Class.
– Attend Saturday morning prayer at our church.
– Date night 1x per week.
– Try my first Pure Barre Class! I still haven’t done this but it is definitely my goal this month.
– PRAYER. If there is any goal this month that I want to focus on it’s this one. Finding time every day to just get alone with the Lord. Y’all I struggle with this. Our Pastor spoke and amazing message this past Sunday about the Holy Spirit and the benefits of His power in our lives and he encouraged us to just get alone.


June 5, 2017 2 comments
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This sweet girl and family have such a special place in my heart. I can’t believe I’m just now getting to blog these adorable photos! A few months ago Carsyn turned 3 and Matt and I had the opportunity to capture her day! We chased her around as fast as we could to keep up with everything she was doing. She is the most spunkiest, little ball of joy you will ever meet. Julie, her mother out did herself on this birthday party. I think my favorite part of the whole day was the petting zoo right in their backyard and the baby goats that left us all of us wanting one.

It was truly an honor to be there and watch this little one grow up so fast.

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Y’all welcome to a BRAND NEW MONTH and my new blog! I’ve been so excited to finally launch a blog make-over and start sharing what life is like as a newlywed.  It has been such an adventure already and I can’t wait to share more. I do hope you enjoy the little pieces of my everyday life I feel like the Lord has called me to share – from marriage to healthy eating to missions and everything in between. I want to be vulnerable and real, praying that the things I’m walking through may help you along your journey as well.

I can’t believe I’ve almost been married for two and a half months. These past few months have taught me so much about myself. They have been incredibly refining and humbling in so many ways.  Thank you Jesus that I have the most patient husband ever and he never fails to show me so much grace as we both try to figure out this thing called marriage. It’s challenging yet beautiful in so many ways and a perfect picture of how much Christ loves and pursues us. My husband and I are far from perfect and have so much to learn. I’ve had to learn to trust Jesus in new ways and to truly know that He is the only one that can fulfill me. We all go through seasons where we have these expectations or ideas of what will fulfill us, what will make us happy, and what will meet those desires in our hearts, but Jesus uses those seasons in our life to bring us back to full dependence on Him. He ALONE is the only one who will satisfy your heart.

I feel like May is a fresh new start for me. We are finally home to stay for a while and I’m ready to embrace a  season of REST. I haven’t been as consistent with goals and a lot of the time I feel like I get nothing accomplished. I’m learning to give myself grace and to be more present in the everyday moments rather than perfection in reaching my goals. Although, I still do love posting goals at the beginning of each month because it gives me something to work towards. In our home my husband built this little chalkboard that is hanging on the wall in our kitchen. This past month we sat down together and wrote out a few goals from breaking our sugar addiction to waking up early and challenging each other to spend time with the Lord. It has been the best thing for us. Not because we were perfect in reaching them and able to put a big check mark by each goal but because we could SEE them everyday, right in our kitchen where we spend a lot of our time together. Having them there, present before us, up on the wall where we could see, was a constant reminder to spur each other on in growth rather than perfection.

May 2017 Goals

– Take the Strengths Finder Test with Matt and read the book together.
– Read Love & Respect and this book on de-cluttering and simplifying your home. Finding the time to sit down and read a book has been a challenge for me. I deeply desire to read more but I always feel like I never have the time. This month I’m committing to be more intentional with finishing a book. My goal is to read 10-15 pages a day.
– Blog 2x this month, what life looks like now being married.
– Blog make-over and launch May 1st!
– Have a worship night in our home.
– Try one new recipe per week.
– Start an herb garden.
– Chemical-free home and life.
– 2 date nights this month.
– Hot yoga 3x per week.
– Try my first Pure Barre class. I have one week free and I am SO excited to try it out!
– Fill our home with worship. Take more time to just sit and play the piano with Matt.
– Cultivate QT in the mornings and what that looks like being married.
– Prepare my heart for a contentment challenge next month (June).
– Clean out my closet AGAIN and give more away.
– Sugar fast this month.
– Drink a glass of lemon water ever morning. I’ve read of the health benefits of this and I have wanted to make this a lifestyle of mine.
– Weekly discipleship with a close friend from church.

Praying that these goals inspire you to set some of your own this month.


May 1, 2017 2 comments
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