Hi friends! I’m Lauren! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I do hope you stay awhile.

A little bit about myself, I’m 28 years old and recently married the love of my life, Matt. We just moved to Dallas, TX to be closer to the community and church plant we are a part of. We live in a little grey house on a beautiful street. We love diversity and it’s one of the main reason that we felt drawn to this location. We have the sweetest little Goldendoodle that you will ever meet, named Chance. He favorite things are squeaky toys, going to the dog park and eating popsicles. I’m also Neonatal ICU Nurse and count it the greatest honor that God has entrusted me with His tiniest miracles. On our free days my husband and I love going to the farmers market, visiting local coffee shops, dreaming, cooking, taking photos and riding our bikes.

The most important thing to me is cultivating a relationship with the Lord. I’m extremely passionate about missions and lead a non-profit organization called Empty Bucket Ministries. My friends laugh but my biggest dream is to adopt 14 little African children and have 7 of my own (I’m working on getting the husband on board…)

Matt and I have a dream that our home would be a place that’s always open for people to come just as they are. Our hearts’ desire is to create memories around the kitchen table where lives are changed by the stories of others. Matt is extremely passionate about the power of a story and is a natural at making people feel comfortable enough to share. God has truly given him a gift and I’m daily amazed at watching it unfold. I literally feel like the luckiest girl in the world that God has chosen me to be his wife.

The purpose of this space is to be a place where I can be vulnerable and share parts of my everyday life in hopes that it inspires you in your own. Life gets messy and it’s not always easy. I daily struggle with thoughts of what my life “should be” instead of seeing the amazing reality of what it truly is. There is SO much beauty and purpose in the messy. I know my life has been changed by the words and vulnerability of others and I feel like it’s a calling for me to do the same.